Reply To: Portfolio Hell



I noticed that you haven’t set a featured image the portfolio pages

You’re most likely using the ‘optional thumbnail’ field for your portfolio item thumbnail. If you can also set a featured image to the portfolio item as described in Help Guide will be great. This way it’ll display thumbnails in wp-admin portfolio sections like the portfolio sorter.

When i clicked the ‘Peats Ridge 2011’ Portfolio item image it showed the correct lightbox image ( larger version of the thumbnail image ). And clicking the title it went to the ‘Peats Ridge 2011’ portfolio details post. ( which is the correctly linked image )

I did the same with the video post. And linked to the correct portfolio item too.

I couldn’t find the portfolio items which are linked incorrectly. Could you let me know if i missed to check anything in the portfolio grid page your provided.

Following is the page i checked