Reply To: Making FullScreen Paused Slideshow for Portfolio List Page


The fix for loading page with slideshow paused worked, thanks.

On #2, I checked the fullscreen checkbox and see I can now add Fullscreen pages into the menu for what loads for a menu link.  I’m still confused, sorry.

Right now I have the Projects > iheart > poetics > 001 page as a Portfolio page.  Do I keep that page and then is there some way to assign the full-screen page to serve as slideshow background?

Or do I change the menu to have the 001 button open a Full Screen Page?

In either case, I’m not understanding how I can properly upload, let’s say, 5 images that show in a Flexi slideshow within the post, and 10 images in background full screen slide show.  My aim is two fold:

1) To have background slideshow have different images so I can have the first one be almost like a wallpaper, i.e. minimal, easy on eyes

2) Have background slideshow have richer, more in-depth slideshow than what is shown in smaller flexi slideshow within overall outline of project.

Thanks.  Sorry if this is no-duh from your end, am confused by the varying levels.  Looking forward to fix!