Reply To: How to set a height on a video embed to avoid letterbox "black bars"


Twelsh was kind enough to email me the files. I really appreciate your work in altering the codes for us. It really makes a big different in the look and feel of the site. I have a lot of videos that are now displayed how they were intended too.

An issue has come up though, in mobile browsers like chrome and opera, the video will not resize. In mobile chrome, the video stays the default size becoming cropped,

Mobile Chrome –

In Opera the video doesn’t display.

Mobile Opera –

Default browser on the samsung galaxy note displays fine.

Default mobile browser –

I have tested each of these mobile browsers on the theme forest demo with the Vimeo portfolio embed and they all work just fine. It has only been since you’ve improved on this code. I hope it won’t be too much to try and fix.

I think this is another big selling point for the theme. No one with a video porfolio wants to see a letterbox (black bars) on their content, so a resizable portfolio is important. Thanks for the hard work. I will be sure to donate again.