Reply To: Extra Photo Menu



I have already fiddled around in such a manner, that in the backend I now actually have 3 instead of 3 menus. I can add pages to all 3 menus, all works perfectly.

The last hurdle is to get the 3 menus to show. the top menu shows fine. The photo menu, which is called upon in the sidebar.php:

<div class=”photomenu-title”><?php echo get_option( MTHEME . ‘_photomenu_title’); ?></div>

include (TEMPLATEPATH . “/includes/menu/call-menu.php”);


works fine as well. So I thought I’d simply create another call-menu.php (which I nicely renamed to call-menup.php)


<div class=”portfoliomenu-title”><?php echo get_option( MTHEME . ‘_portfoliomenu_title’); ?></div>

include (TEMPLATEPATH . “/includes/menu/call-menup.php”);


But then it breaks both the portfolio and the photomenu..


I think it’s just a small thing, but I’m running into a dead end at the moment.