Reply To: Ajax Portfolio Link to Broader Project Description



Thanks for the adjustment for Permalinks, was not aware of this! I see that you meant Project Link to be available for external links showing a project, like a website, etc. All good there.

I have two new questions:

1) Does the Ajax slideshow have to grab all images placed within the Portfolio post? I like how user can scan left to right using the slideshow in that view, but then if user clicks through to read more about the project, it becomes a bit redundant where slideshow shows all images left to right, then they repeat below in post.

Is there a way to specify that the slideshow only take certain images from the Post so that once on Project Details page, there are still some new images to view within post?

2) On my Portfolio page, I am using 4 column view. I see now that the Project Title text links through to the Project Details page, after Permalinks fix which is great. In the Rime Metabox area of that Page, I see there’s the Portfolio Photo Link with choice to have the click go direct to the Project’s post page, or launch the Lightbox.

I think I don’t want the Lightbox based on current implement showing Feature images only…but I can’t seem to make that change take effect to use Direct Link on clicking the photo thumbnail. I changed it, pressed Update, cleared my cache, checked on two browsers…it still launches the Lightbox.

Suggestions? Here’s the site link again:

Thanks for your attention on these fixes, much appreciated.